Blueprint Reading

Course Number: PR101

Part 1
Course Description: This course is designed to introduce and/or reinforce concepts commonly found in prints. These include symbols, abbreviations and drawing conventions. Sketching principles and practices in three view drawing and pictorial form are included. Trade plans, specifications and blueprint books are utilized in the course.
Prerequisite: None Course Length: 18 hours.

Part 2
Course Description: This course is designed to provide more hands on experience for the person who has had limited exposure to actual plans and specifications. Accurately reading and interpreting information will help the print reader develop more confidence and experience directly related to the job site.
Prerequisite: Print reading Part 1. Course Length : 18 hours.

Part 3
Course Description: This course is a continuation of Print Reading 2.
Prerequisite: Print Reading Part 1 and Part 2.
Course Length: 18 hours.
Participants will receive a certificate of completion for each part successfully completed.